Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The snowfall didn't slow Brent down! He added some finishing touches to the trim on the new woodshed and spent time installing and organizing shelves in the storage building. The sun came out and the snow in the tree branches dripped like rain! Sunshine made the white snow sparkle and created shadows on the mountain ridge. Inside a wood fire warmed us up so well that soon the windows were opened wide to cool us down! Even with damper set, Brent couldn't resist building a blazing fire. It only seemed appropriate on a snowy day! The cozy atmosphere seemed to create a need for change, and I spend the afternoon rearranging all the furniture and moving accessories from here to there. With most of the painting and remodeling tasks nearly done, it's time to add another 'layer' of color and style to the room. Window coverings are in progress and new red cushions ready to place on the sofa next time we are there. Slowly but surely things are getting comfy and cozy. When darkness fell the snow began to crunch with coldness and the dripping from the branches stopped. Brent loaded up the back of the pick-up with mountain wood for fires at home, and we headed down the mountain --- the end of a lovely and quiet day.


  1. Wow ! Snow already? Where are you??!!
    We've just has rain, wind, rain !
    Sorry I did not respond to your lovely comments on my blog - and for taking the time to go through it ! i was away and am just now starting to play "catch up" !

  2. I love this kind of snow and the coziness of a cabin in the woods!

  3. Snow? Snow! Oh dear! I hope it's not headed my way. It sure is pretty, though.

  4. Oh wow, snow already, I think you are the first to blog it this year. Your pictures of your cozy cabin are so inviting.

  5. Wow....beautiful and the cabin ...so so cozy and inviting...must be so wonderful to have such a respite...from life and all...wonderful pictures..
    we enjoyed day 2 of 70 degree weather with great sunshine....

  6. Gorgeous - but not ready for snow yet!

    p.s. - a little jealous of that fire though!

  7. Your cabin looks wonderfully cozy! And it sounds like you and your husband are enjoying fixing it up together.
    Blessings-Claudia O.

  8. Gorgeous! I want to walk through it.

    Jody (who's awaiting snow tomorrow)


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