Saturday, October 13, 2007

Parade of Trees

Trees on the Tour

Sweetgum, American Basswood, White Basswood, Fernleaf Beech, Tree of Heaven, Scarlet Oak, Silver Maple, Sweetgum, Hybrid Black Poplar, Black Walnut, European Ash, American Sycamore, Norway Maple, Horsechestnut, Yellow Sweet Buckeye, Hybrid Plane, Burr Oak, American Elm, Hackberry, Black Locust, Catalpa, Northern White Cedar, Austrian Black Pine, Pecan, White Basswood, Ginkgo, Sugar Maple, Paw Paw, Smooth-leaved Elm, American Sycamore, Red Alder, Box Elder

**The Catalpa (last row on left) is on record as the record tree of this species in the nation.

To learn more about the Big Tree Program go to American Forests website.


  1. The pictures are beautiful! Amazing how something can start out as a seed and grow into something so mighty!


  2. Trees are something I need to learn a lot more about. I know many types of flowers and shrubs, but only a handful of tree names. Cindi

  3. I love the grouping of trees. collages are a beautiful piece of artwork.


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