Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Churn Ride

Do you remember stories like these? I used to love them as a child! This one came from a children's magazine that was given out at church each week and is from when my mother was a little girl. I remember sitting on my daddy's lap while he read the words and I read the pictures. I felt so grown up; I could actually read! Of course I was much to young, but felt so grown up. This story, although not at all politically correct in these modern times, teaches a character lesson mixed in with the adventures of Sally and Billy. Enjoy!


  1. That story is just adorable! It would look cute in a frame!


  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Wonderful! I so enjoyed these when I was little, too!!

  3. Oh, yes, I remember reading these with my little grandson in magazines not too long ago. :o)

  4. I LOVE THESE STORY PAGES!!! Isn't it sad that our society has become so sensitive and trigger happy? There was so much innocence in these stories. People didn't take everything so personally then.

    My youngest has a Royal Rangers camping trip this weekend. Ordinarily, the father has to accompany a 7-year old. My husband can't go and we are having to sign papers that turn guardianship over to a friend for the weekend. This isn't my church's fault; it's our present day culture. But, this is a far cry from my Girl Scout days when we piled into cars without seat belts and headed for the mountains with just a handful of adults. I don't recall my parents signing any papers.

    Have a great day!

  5. I remember those! Aren't they sweet? Where did you find that?!

  6. Isn't it sad? Facts are facts. No way would you find a story like that today. And there are more fat kids now than ever! Someone's sensitive feelings might get hurt. It's sad.

    I love the story and I agree with Yellow Rose Arbor. You should frame it. It's too cute!



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