Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bay and Marjoram Body Soak

Bay leaves and marjoram are said to have qualities that stimulate the circulation, thereby easing sore muscles and stiff joints. Additionally, the magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) has qualities that are beneficial when bathing. According to Wikipedia, the increase in ionic strength found in the salts prevents pruning which is caused by prolonged immersion of extremities in pure water. It can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. Together, these ingredients make a wonderful addition to bathwater for a soak in the tub! All of that, and I haven't yet mentioned the very relaxing fragrance of the marjoram and bay that's released by crushing during the making of this lovely bathing treatment.


  1. Very interesting.

  2. Hello! I have used this combination before and I love it. Your presentation of it is much lovelier, though! Cindi :)


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