Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Alma

It was so nice having Dad and Alma come to visit us this week-end. I took this picture of them this morning. Don't they look great? This was Alma's birthday week-end and we enjoyed celebrating her day with them!

Happy Birthday, Alma


  1. Happy Birthday, Alma!
    What a lovely couple!

  2. Happy birthday to Alma.
    Your dad looks very good and healthy :-)

  3. Hi Dear One, I appreciate your supportive comment.
    The season idea is one I need to revisit I'll get my produce book back out and review it.
    I know that my little Dove is just who she is. Weekly is a good approach. She absconds with others property or things from around the house and when she or any of us need them she has no recall as to where she stashed them. That is so frustrating. I do think that it is not O.K. to make her feel bad for who she is. I need so to be careful of that.
    Thank you, You helped my perspective. I think I am just a little overwhelmed too.

  4. What a lovely picture! Happy birthday, Alma, a bit after the fact.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. Yes, fall is moving right along here. I loved our foggy morning today and, thankfully, I didn't have to drive in it. I used to have to go out in most any kind of weather. My life has changed and I can make choices of what I will drive in. And when I do have to go out, usually I go a bit later than most folks and often the fog has lifted or the weather has warmed a bit. If not, I have the freedom to decide not to drive in bad weather. In the meantime I'll just enjoy the approach of colder temperatures and watch the season change - from inside my warm house. Or from a nearby place.



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