Saturday, September 29, 2007

"They're both too busy washing," said Doris. "We shall get punished if we do."

"But let's try," urged Kathleen.

To the little girls' surprise both mammas were quite agreeable to their going for a picnic together, provided, of course, that they did not go too far and that they got everything ready themselves. Strict instructions were given as to the place they were to go, where they could easily be found if necessary.

Now all was happiness. Kathleen's mamma said she wouldn't mind if they prepared the food in her house; so in they both went. Kathleen cut the sandwiches, and Doris wrapped them in waxed paper and put them in the picnic basket, which was the prettiest little basket you could wish to see.

They then found the little tent that Kathleen's daddy had bought for them to use in the garden, and rolled up an old piece of blanket so that they would not have to sit on the damp ground. Of course they decided to take a kettle with them, because this was going to be a really-truly picnic.

They they started off. The two mammas found time to come away from their washing to wave good-bye to the two little girls from the front gate. They were glad to have the children happy.

The girls had not gone far, however, before they made the discovery that while they had brought the tent, the blanket, and the kettle, they had left the lunch behind! In the excitement of saying good-by they had actually forgotten all about the most important thing. So back they had to go to get it.

Now they were off again, and very happy little girls they were. They did not go very far away, but to them it seemed miles and miles. They made up all sorts of stories as they went along, and imagined they were really grown-up big people going to a real picnic.

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  1. Aw, how cute is that story? We used to take picnics when we were little and we talk about doing it all of the time now but we never do. How sad!



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