Thursday, September 13, 2007

Autumn Bliss

Clarice at Storybook Woods is having a special blog-party to celebrate autumn and to express her delight that Victorian magazine will soon be published again. Autumn Bliss has been going on all week and I've enjoyed visiting her blog every day, reading about the autumn ideas that other bloggers are sharing there. I think you would enjoy visiting as well --- please stop by Storybook Woods and see what's going on there. I think you'll enjoy the autumn crafts, recipes, and other ideas shared.

Because I enjoy Clarice and her blog, I wanted to participate in her special event. But, I will admit that I have struggled all week with the idea that autumn is near. We are having a perfect "Indian Summer" --- blissful days with warm temperatures, puffy clouds, and sunshine. These are the days that I wish could go on forever and ever. The flowers in the garden are vibrant again after the intense heat of August. The family is busy with their late summer jobs and hobbies. School has not yet started for the college set, and life is comfortable and good. Autumn means shorter days and boys back to college. That means sending off one to the university, which means I have to struggle with the 'partially empty nest' thing all over again this year. Maybe it will be easier than last, I don't know. But what I do know is that I have enjoyed the summer months and having the family together again so very much.

But autumn will come, whether I want it to or not. An optimist, I will adjust and even enjoy the fall of the year. Thanks, Clarice, for the gentle prod to get on with the seasons and enjoy what life brings.


  1. I have been thoroughly enjoying Clarice's Autumn Bliss Week, too. It's been a challenge to think of ideas to honor this seasonal change as living in Tucson doesn't exactly inspire such thinking. My husband said it was 108 here today--I believe it as I thought I'd melt going to and from my dance class. However, I am so glad I scheduled a quiet afternoon with Jane Austen and tea as my autumn bliss activity--pretending it was really autumn helped me cool down and relax.

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    May I please borrow your Autumn Bliss pic?

  3. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of your Cabin Tea! Just beautiful....thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'm totally ready for Autumn. Not winter. Just autumn at this time thank you very much. I'm all about baking these days now that my skin isn't melting off anymore.


  5. What a beautiful tea you had! All the goodies look delicious and I love the centerpiece!

  6. Oh I just LOVED your Autumn Tea! I need to add a link to my Friday's post! :) I am a little late in catching up on blogs. :) Thanks so much for the link to the Autumn Storybook blog!!

    Also, you won my contest! Please send me your address to paula aatt paurian doott com

  7. I, too, am having trouble 'feeling' autumnal when the temperatures are above normal for this time of year here. But yesterday we took out-of-state family for a long drive around our area and up in the mountains the woods are full of vine maples that are turning every possible hue of yellows, oranges and reds! It set me in the right direction for autumn decorating. Thanks for the reminder to visit Clarice. ~Adrienne~


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