Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn Desserts

What to have for dessert? I decided to work with whatever was on hand. Fruit with honey glazed on top went well with mini muffins I had purchased at the grocery store as a treat for the boys. They were blueberry, poppy-seed, and orange. I topped them with some plain frosting and decorated them with the sugared flowers I'd made in the spring. Do you remember this post? They held up well and were as fresh and vibrant now as then. I decided that impromptu menus can be challenging, but a great deal of fun!

Happy Autumn!


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Oh my, oh my, you do have an eye for the beautiful!

  2. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Just wondering... Did you use the powdered egg whites? In the post you linked to, you were concerned about salmonella.

    At my daughter's wedding, we decorated the wedding cake and the cookie trays with loads of sugared violets and violas. We used egg whites and left them for several weeks before using them. At that time we didn't know about the potential for salmonella contamination. I wonder if salmonella would survive being dried out.

  3. Sabine, I understand that Michael's has a white egg powder that is supposed to be salmonella free. After much research online, I've concluded that all other (natural) sources of egg white and yolks do carry some risk of salmonella. Since I kept these for 4 months before using them, I felt comfortable that they were free of microorganisms and safe to use. I believe that salmonella does survive the 'drying out' process (unfortunately).


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