Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Autumn Organizing

Spring and autumn, the two times a year that the nesting instinct moves one towards sorting and organizing. Whether it's spring cleaning or autumn organizing, nothing is safe from this instinct! I'm in the midst of a task that seems daunting and overwhelming. But, that's because I'm in the middle of it! Upon completion, it will feel so good to have it done. The task? Cleaning out the closet in the spare room.

This closet is the overflow for seasonal clothing, items that don't fit, and an assortment of other things that don't seem to belong anywhere else. It's so much easier to close the closet doors and just leave these things --- but when the autumn organizing bug bites, it's time to sort! Rubbermaid bins, laundry baskets, shoe caddy's, and piles of clothing are spread in intervals around the room.

Decisions must be made. I know the rules say that if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. But it's not a rule I like to abide by. "Some day" I might need it again. "Some day" I might fit into it again. "Some day" I might have a special occasion to wear this to again. And then there are the special outfits; my wedding dress, the formal from the high school banquet in 9th grade, platform high heels from the 70's, and the dress I wore to my mother's funeral. Each piece brings back a memory. . .and although they'll probably never be worn again, they help create a visual picture in my mind of something memorable that took place in my life. It's these things that the 'closet organizing experts' tell you to 'get over' and to 'move on'. But it's so hard! I must say, though, that I am doing a pretty good job!

Over the summer months I went on a weight loss program and lost 27+ pounds. That means I lost two clothing sizes! Out went everything that is too large! Goodwill can deal with them now and maybe they'll serve another again someday soon. There is suddenly enough room in my closet, and the more pleasurable part of closet organizing begins. New shoe bags hold shoes in place. Enough hangers are now available to hang things up. Sweaters for winter are ready to launder and refresh. The closet is lighter and brighter. . .and the incentive to keep loosing weight has just been reinforced. Somewhere in the back of my closet are some pretty dresses three sizes smaller than I am now; motivation to keep on going. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have the opportunity to lighten my closet again for spring cleaning.

Pep talk, pep talk, pep talk. . .


  1. When I was a young girl I always thought that only "Spring cleaning" existed. But as a grown up I've learned that it really means "seasonal cleaning". It's always fun though because clothing that was put away the year before is taken out again and it's kind of likes it's "new" so to speak. I'm like, hey I forgot I had that or this looks just lovely to wear. Well, I know you know how that goes.

    Congrats on the "down-sizing" and all that that entails. Holding on to those smaller dresses is a great way to stay motivated. ~You can do it~ :)

  2. congratulations on te weight loss!
    it's always refreshing to clean out/purge. Gives the house a whole new feeling it seems.(am having a little drawing over at my blog..won't you join the fun?)

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! That's awesome. I so envy people with nice closets. I don't mean organized. I mean Nice closets. Our house was built in 1908. I'm thinking there wasn't a whole lot of clothes in their wardrobe back then. So the closets are very narrow. You can't hang anything in it side-by-side. Everything has to be hung in front of another. I hate them! So after a few dresses, suits and things like that are hung - that's it.

    I have to get motivated and swap out summer clothes for winter clothes. So, you have inspired me to do some of that. But, it's too warm for sweaters and too cold for shorts. AAAGGGHHH!


  4. I've recently lost 9 pounds, and it feels so good to be able to go to my closet and find something that fits without having to go to the store to buy something new.

    Congratulations to you!

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss. You inspire me to keep working on mine! And I appreciate your thoughts on organizing and cleaning out. I can't toss some things that have special meaning to me, either. I need to get busy and clean and organize some closets! ~Adrienne~

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Such a thoughtful and lovely post. I congratulate you on your weight loss program and your success--it's very inspiring.

    I'm in the midst of my fall cleaning, too. I shall be done in one more week--I feel at times I'm rebuilding the house with my giant fall cleaning list. Yesterday was window day and the sparkly clean windows make me smile. Today I'm tackling our bedroom. I'm stalling on closets until next week when my husband is gone on a business trip and I can purge to my heart's content.

  7. wow losing 27 pounds!!! my girl how did you do that ! I am happy with losing 10 pounds :-)

  8. Great job on weight loss. I love these old patterns.

  9. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Losing weight is so hard. You have done well!

    I can't keep too much stuff in our one closet. I am forever pulling things out to give away. Something comes in, something goes out.

    I love the patterns. They make me want to sew again (not that I'm that industrious).

  10. First, big congratulations on your weight accomplishment!

    Organizing, once it's done, can be so satisfying and rewarding. I hope to be doing some spare closets myself soon.


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