Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aubern'e and Chloe

My 'lavender tea' post would not be complete without mentioning what wonderful young ladies the daughters of Clarice are! Aubern'e and Chloe are delightful girls! Polite, engaging, and friendly, it was obvious that they played a definite role in the preparation for guests and the lovely tea party. You can tell that they respect one another and are 'best friends' kind of sisters.
Aubern'e is sixteen and is keenly interested in all things medieval. Her room is a showcase of eclectic pieces she's collected of knights and ladies, dragons, shields, and more. Books like her bookshelves from C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. Home schooled, her talents are liberally expressed through her writing and art. Aubern'e has enjoyed working at the local library as a volunteer this summer and I think plans to continue this as school starts. By the way, her name is beautiful and pronounced Aub-er-nay. . .Aubern'e. . .exquisite. I picture Aubern'e as a raven-haired damsel who enjoys being right in the middle of every midsummer night's (knight's) dream!
Chloe is a darling little lady! Can you see the charm in her eyes. She is eleven and waited patiently until it was her turn to share about herself. Her treasure was a beautiful doll house that she showed to us. Each room is carefully and perfectly decorated. The doll house attic contains tiny boxes that hold the decor for the change of seasons. And decorate is what she does, each and every season. Halloween and Christmas are her favorites. The doll house is gloriously adorned for those seasons as they approach. Chloe is a natural-born hostess. She would quietly observe things that needed done and then would drift off to take care of them, soon returning and entering right in where she left off. I picture Chloe being the lady of a manor, dressed in laces and having a hundred tiny buttons down the back of her dress; charming and serene.
For more pictures of this charming tea, go to Storybook Woods by clicking here.

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