Friday, September 28, 2007

Friends of the Library

Our local library had a book sale today. It was conducted by the "Friends of the Library" and the funds gathered from from this event are used to buy new books for the library. Discards and donations are organized and displayed by volunteers so community members can browse and buy. For about $6.00 I obtained some interesting new cookbooks, a few decorating books, and two stacks of Better Homes & Gardens magazines. It's a pretty frugal way to obtain some hours of reading pleasure!


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  2. I love library sales! I've found great buys at those as well. Sadly here they only have them once a year during the summer. But maybe that's a good thing otherwise I would buy half their book supply :)

    Sounds like you will be having some enjoyable reading.

  3. WOW! You got a ton of books for only 6 bucks, you bargain-shopper you. Congratulations on the great finds.


  4. What a nice selection you came home with. We have a Friends of the Library that has been having sales every October. We finally have a library opening next month in our little town and their funds over the years were for this cause. We have a few libraries in our county, but it will be nice to have one near by finally.

  5. I have purchased my best (and some of my favorite) books at library sales. I pay $10.00 to be a "Friend of the Library" each year to attend the Friend's only Friday night sale.

    I just love them because they combine my love of books within the confines of my budget! :)

  6. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I love Friends of the library sales! You got a great stash. I just found 3 beautiful magazines from Ireland for 25 cents each.

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    We went to our library book sale today, and got QUITE a stack of books. Book sales are so fun!

  8. What a package you've got!!!...very interesting titles there ... library book sales are a good thing - something that we doesn't have here in Spain - we've got librarys but they never ever sold books.


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