Saturday, July 07, 2007

Congratulations, Freddie and Cynthia

On Saturday, 07 - 07 - 07, it was reported that 38,000 weddings took place in the United States. It's likely that several blog readers were in attendance at one of these happy affairs. Although some brides and grooms chose this day because they believed the date would bring them luck and good fortune, I suspect most choose 07 - 07 - 07 because it was a novelty. Or maybe it was because that way one of the pair wouldn't forget an anniversary date! But, whatever the reason. . .you can be sure that it was a special day for many brides and grooms!

We were blessed to attend the wedding of Cynthia and Freddie.
Cynthia has been an important part of our life since she was the seven-year-0ld neighbor who lived next door. Cynthia loves babies, and when Rylan was born she was at the age where a baby next door was a major attraction. She spent countless hours in our home, playing with the boys, reading to them, and helping to care for them. She was like their 'big sister' and I enjoyed having a girl around the house to talk to. It seems just yesterday, yet here she is, all grown up and a married woman. It's my prayer that God will bless them with a long and happy marriage. Both are teacher's and have much in common and a long courtship has given them time to become one another's best friends.

The reader board at the school where they both
teach is declaring best wishes to the entire city!

The little alter boy assists the Monsignor by holding his book during the service.

The happy bride and groom,
just moments after they have been
declared 'husband and wife'.

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  1. Such beautiful wedding photos! Best wishes to the bride & groom.


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