Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lavender Fru-fru

A bouquet of lavender fru-fru graces the dresser in the bedroom. Mussie tussies and lavender wands fill a vase, adding fragrance and color to the space. Although I enjoy it now, I will enjoy it even more during the bleak months of winter when there is not a flower or green thing in sight!


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    How sweet! I'm wishing that I had some lavender right now... ;)

  2. You're lavender looks heavenly...your creations are beautiful...what a pleasure it has to be to work with such a fragrant medium....I love LAVENDER...I can almost smell your lavender emitting from your site... I do love Lavender tea...when my son was at the Culinary Institute...I was priveledged to have some of their "Lavender Chamomile" tea...It is sold in their "Apple Pie Bakery"...I'm not sure if they make it or out source it...but it is trademarked "serendipitea"(how cute is THAT!)..fab stuff..I order it periodically...they have a hard time keeping it stocked...that reminds me...I need to replenish...

    Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you and all that you create!




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