Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cabin-Woods Lane

Serenity on Cabin-Woods Lane. I love this winding two-tire road with grasses and flowers growing in the center. It meanders through the woods from gate to cabin. Mid-summer, Brent will mow this half-mile stretch, but until then I'll enjoy it's wildness and fragrant greenness. Coco went walking with us today and enjoyed the lane as much or more than we did! She explored every nook and cranny along the way. Tonight she's exhausted! She did very little napping while at the cabin, as she was too busy waiting patiently at the base of evergreen trees for chipmunks to chase. Fortunately the chipmunks on the mountain are VERY wise! As a result, she slept all the way home, missing the bull elk with his harem of 15 and a young one or two. They leisurely checked us out, so we stopped the truck and turned off the motor, simply enjoying watching them as they fed and climbed to a higher hillside ridge. Farther down the mountain, a pair of young, two-point bucks in full velvet were as curious about us as we were of them. They gazed at us from roadside before they romped away into the trees along the berm. It was a lovely day --- the kind that you don't want to end quite yet.


  1. Coco puts a nice perspective on the largeness of the beauty on your path. You have a real mountain treasure. Can't wait to see eggs and baby birds.

  2. Speechless. Living vicariously. The question BUGs?
    Is this in WA state? I was born in Tacoma.

  3. wildlife right there for you to enjoy, what a blessing. I miss seeing Elk. Deer we have plenty of around here, but no elk

  4. How nice to have another place to go. Sometimes for me when we go camping it is like " an escape" from the responsibilities of home. We can camp ten miles away, but I can relax more and not be concerned about what I " could or should" be doing. You cabin sounds like a breath of heaven.


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