Monday, July 16, 2007

Suitable for Framing Home Decor

Emilie Barnes and her best friend, Yoli Brogger have written a book together called Beautiful Home on a Budget. Within the pages of this little book are a wealth of ideas for creative, comfortable, and cost-wise decorating. Here are some of their ideas of things that can be framed for a wall decoration. . .or that can be hung on the wall just as they are.

Magazine covers

Small cabinets
Grapevine arrangements

Bunch of dried flowers with big ribbon hanging down --- or eucalyptus, branches, twigs, wheat stalks
A chair (doubles as a small shelf)

Architectural drawings and blueprints
Musical instruments

Tools of any kind: cutlery, farm implements, crochet hooks

Trays (hang with cord or rest on little nails)

Vintage ceiling tins (Paint, hang in groups, use to frame a mirror or print)

Quilts, afghans, or throws
Sports equipment

Tools with interesting shapes

Seashells from the beach
An unframed oil painting on stretched canvas (if you like, cover raw edges with velvet ribbon)

Antique doilies or handkerchiefs
Upholstery remnants

Interesting note cards

Photos (formal or candid)
Children's art work

A glass shelf resting on wood or plaster corbels
Doors, shutters, or gates --- the more beat up the better!

Interesting old letters and postcards
Old windows --- hang glass, curtains, and all!

Small carved pieces from furniture or buildings
Plaster decorations from a paint-it-yourself store
Photo: Elm Street Antiques


  1. love this post...and LOVE Emilie Barnes....years ago when I took her classes they were in her home...oh my goodness.....just so beautiful and she is a Godly Christian woman inside and out..I love it that you quote her on your blog..of course...I just love your blog..what can I say.

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I'm a huge Emilie Barnes fan and found this little book several years ago by accident, tucked in an out of the way place in a bookstore. It's a great one!

  3. Thank you... a lot of inspiring ideas today... Really gets the creative thought processes flowing!

  4. From the looks of it, this book seems to have some great ideas. The frames and the layout of the frames in the pic shown gives the walls more life. I work with HGTV and they are going to start airing the 2nd season of Design Star. Have you guys ever seen the show from the 1st season? It's a great show that showcases 11 interior designers competiting for their own future show on the network. Check out for more info and details on the show. Tune in July 22nd at 10PM on HGTV to catch the first episode of season two, your not gonna wanna miss out!


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