Friday, July 06, 2007

Remembering Mom

Thank you to my dear friends for your phone calls and notes today as you remembered my mother on this third year since her death. I am touched by your caring and friendship. It means very much to me.

God bless you!


  1. I will remember you in prayer today!

    How I still miss my mom, even though she has been gone these many years.

    Because of her illness, it had been years before that when she was able to be the fun mom we loved.

    I'm certain you will have lots of good memories today. :)

  2. You had such a wonderful mother and so many of her wonderful treasures to hold dear. I hope you felt God's blessings yesterday as you remembered her.


  3. All three of my parents are gone on now. I often think about a passage in the Bible that speaks about the grate cloud of witnesses we have surrounding us, interceding for us. Those who have gone on before us. It gives me great joy and comfort.
    Big Hug.
    I found out last week that my mother would of been 83 on her birthday in June had she still been here. I too stung a little at her absence. I have her apron. I is a sweet treasure.

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM

    ((( hug )))

  5. This is a hard time for you . You are in my thoughts.

    The funeral from my dad is done. I try to catch up my life as far as is possible right now. And I am catching up some blogs.

  6. La Te Dah,
    I can sooo relate.
    July is the 10th yr anniv. of my Mom's death.
    Thoughts and love,
    PS Isn't that a dogwood bloom?

  7. great blog!! I gave you a shout out on my blog this morning.. take care and happy day! :)

  8. ~May happy memories of your mom bring comfort to you~

  9. much love to you, and the comfort of sweet memories of your mother~


  10. You mom was such a friend. I also miss her. I've been caught up in trying to get my kids better from the summer time flu that I didn't realize this was when she passed away.

    Did I ever tell you that one of her friends, Vi told me your mom was "couragous to the end?" Just think, we will see her again on the resurrection morning.

  11. Praying too for mom has been gone 1 1/2 years...and somedays it feels like YESTERDAY...I do KNOW is not easy...I take comfort in the fact that I KNOW that I will see her again.

  12. Hay girl you OK I miss your posts? Big Hug!

  13. I gave you a Blogger Reflection Award.

    More details on my blog. :)

  14. I think this is my first time on your blog. I understand your feelings. It will be 2 years this October that I lost my Mom.


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