Monday, July 30, 2007

Wagons of Childhood

Isn't this wagon pretty? It's displayed so beautifully with pastel bibs and a cuddly chenille teddy bear. I don't remember having a wagon as a child, although I have fond memories of a dolly stroller that I pushed through the neighborhood with my favorite dolls inside. But the boys each had a special wagon that was given to them by their grandma when they were new born. Brandon's was an all-terrain Radio Flyer wagon with wooden slat sides. Rylan's was a classic steel Radio Flyer with white wheels and a shiny black handle. As soon as they could sit up, we would take them on long walks along country roads or through meadows and fields, so they could see and explore the world. Such memories! They still have their means of transportation, but it's progressed to motorized vehicles and horses under the hood!

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