Monday, July 30, 2007

Days Swiftly Pass

Summer days pass swiftly. As July ends and August nears, I take time to appreciate and cherish having all the family together under one roof during the busy summer months. Although I don't want to rush summer, I do stop to realize that in a few short weeks the flow of summer jobs, relaxed family evenings, and suppers around the table will be replaced with young adults away to college and a quieter pace at home. Appreciating life's moments, daily blogging hasn't been priority and posts have been somewhat sparse.

I've been thinking about blog topics for August, but for now will end July with a few favorite pictures that I haven't yet shared from Elm Street Antiques. I've really enjoyed my visits to this sweet antique and gift shop. I'm always surprised by things for sale as antiques that are from my childhood and teen era! Salt shakers like sat on my parent's kitchen table, a sewing box, or hot rollers like I used as a teen don't seem like antiques, but rather pieces of my past. . .and it wasn't all that long ago now, was it? Similarly, other objects from my husband's past fill this role. The beautiful flannel infant jacket in this picture is very similar to one my husband's grandmother made for him when he was a baby. Hand-stitched, embroidered, and trimmed with a tiny crocheted border, it was crafted with love and hope for a child's bright future.

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  1. the pictures are gorgeous...and yes I too love looking through shops like this.....and how they trigger memories.
    So glad you are enjoying such a great summer....


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