Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lavender Bottles

Lavender bottles are a beautiful and fragrant way to embellish your lingerie drawers or armour shelf. They are quite simple and quick to create. Whereas the lavender bud cannot be seen when stems and flower stalks are woven into lavender wands, the lavender bottle allows for the bud to be seen and enjoyed. Pink, white, lavender, and purple lavenders can all be crafted into bottles for variety in color and even in fragrance. Once made, a lavender bottle is hidden among lingerie to add fragrance --- and as the stem and bud dries, little bits of bud fall into the garments, adding a Victorian effect and allowing the fragrance to meld with fine and delicate fabrics. Pure delight! After a time, the lavender fragrance may seem minimal. When this happens, just squeeze the bottle gently in your hands, crushing the dried bud and activating the sweet fragrance.

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  1. you are so they smell wonderful...


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