Saturday, April 14, 2007

Walking the Rails

It rained until mid-afternoon. When it stopped, we decided it was time for some fresh air and exercise! A spot along the river seemed a lovely place to walk, so off we went. Walking the rails has been a favorite family activity since the boys were small. As long as we keep alert for trains, which we do, the terrain is calming and peaceful. Interesting finds are always visible along rail lines that follow the river shore --- old iron spikes, bones of coyotes or snakes, floats or lonely tennis shoes washed ashore at water's edge, or pieces of driftwood that float while the guys toss rocks as them --- all provide entertainment and amusement. Colorful wildflowers, sage, and greening hillsides create beauty and color in a terrain that will be a dried yellow and brown in a few short months. And the gentle raindrops and coolness that passed by as we walked reassured me that the rattlesnakes, although leaving hibernation on most days this time of year, were safe and snug in their underground havens on a day too cold to be outside sunning. I was able to hike with a degree of reassurance that I wouldn't come across one on the trail. What a wonderful way to end the week --- nature, calmness, quiet, exercise, and family. I'm now ready to take on the week to come --- and look forward to another family excursion at the end of the next. God is good!

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  1. We walked the rails by Casey Pond. I wondered if we might see you, but we weren't quite in the same place. We went there on the spur of the moment, wishing to get away from the rain. It stopped by the time we got there.

    It seems there is less snow on the hills every day. Maybe you will be able to get into your cabin next weekend.

    Elizabeth Joy


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