Friday, April 13, 2007

Robin's Egg Blue

Mrs. Robin has laid three perfect, blue eggs this week. . .one a day for the past three days. One more egg and her clutch will be complete. Then she will be ready to start incubating them. Robin's lay only four eggs, sometimes five. Even if an egg is broken or stolen, Mrs. Robin will not lay more --- but will be satisfied with two or three eggs --- as long as she laid at least four to begin with.

Aren't Mrs. Robin's eggs a beautiful color? They are perfect in every way!


  1. What a sweet picture. I hope you can get some after they've hatched out! Keep us updated.

  2. Those are beautiful! The color is perfection!

  3. The colors from nature are an inspiration. The robin's egg blue is one of the prettiest colors!

  4. I just am popping in real quick to say thank you for thinking of me while I was gone. I missed my blogging friends and will look forward to getting back into the swing of things really quick.
    Your pictures of your garden and your blossoms and the robins eggs are as usual just a beautiful sight.
    Such a treasure it is to have a visit again.
    Thank you so much for the honor of nominating me for the blogger award. I'm just tickled pink.

  5. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Sooooooooooo pretty!!!

  6. These eggs are a beautiful color. Mrs. Robin has perfect taste in her choice of tree to build her home.


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