Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Herbal Infusions

This week Tina and Maryanne are conducting their online 'Balms & Salves' class. I've always wanted to learn about making herbal toiletries, so excitedly signed up for their class. A kit containing all the ingredients, containers, and tools was sent last week. And this week they opened their 'classroom' via a Yahoo Groups group. Most importantly, they are there to answer questions and share their expertise.

Several days before we started the process of making the balms and salves we learned how to infuse herbs in a carrier oil. The herb used for this class was calendula petal. The carrier oil was a blend of oils prepared by Tina and Maryanne of apricot kernel, avocado, jojoba & Vitamin E. After the calendula had been in the a sunny spot for a few days, it was strained so that the oil was free of particles. [The oil saturated petals were saved in a coffee filter and tied with a twisty --- and went into a hot bath! It was pure luxury!].

The oils are a versatile medium for extracting the herbal constituents and making them available for use in the herbal products being made.


  1. How neat! I wish I'd found out earlier. I would have loved to join in. Would love to hear more.

  2. What an interesting learning class. I can practically smell the sweet fragrance clear across the line.

    As usual, your displays are pure perfection.

  3. I came upon your beautiful blog and I'm sure I'll stop back often...your pictures are beautiful!


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