Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In the Garden Shed

The shelf in the garden shed is the holding corral for six or seven flats of plants. Little pony packs of four or six are lined up in trays, awaiting their turn to be released into the earth. Oh, for the life of cowgirl and pony. Instead, gardener and plant is what's happening here. Slowly, but surely, new plants are being transplanted into the earth. Some are pretty tender and we had frost one night this week, so the marigolds and dahlias are being kept in the sheltered shed until all danger of frost is past. The tomatoes were planted the day before this week's frost, but only one was affected and looks like it will survive and grow. A dozen or so plants are being planted each day: herbs in the kitchen garden by the back porch; coleus in our only really shady spot in the tea garden; and geraniums in pots by door entrance. Assorted perennials have been tucked here and there amongst greenery planted other years. Spring --- new growth, new green, and hope!

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  1. Seeing your pictures makes me believe spring without frosty nights will still come. Happy planting.


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