Friday, April 20, 2007

A Little Flower

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly.
"One must have freedom, sunshine and a little flower."

Hans Christian Anderson

I believe that a cuppa tea should be added to this list as well, don't you?

The book in this photo is a blank journal like is so popular today. On the first page, in beautiful, old-fashioned handwriting it says: "To Adriana Owen from your brother and loving sister. Orie and Fannie Harrington Xmas 1910"


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Oh, how beautiful!!! Gwen

  2. This is such a beautiful picture! I thought of Gwen as soon as I saw the violets. :0) I love old books with inscriptions inside.


  3. They're beautiful! Thank you for this helpful and health-full information. I'm so glad I found you!

  4. What a beautiful vignette and photo. I knew Gwen would love it!


  5. Violets--one of my favorite pasttimes as a little girl. Oh my goodness the things we could create with those dainty flowers, my sister and I! xoxo ~Stacey

  6. How Lovely! Violets are my favorite flower!

  7. What a lovely photo! My mother's favorite flower is the violet (they were in her wedding bouquet), so your post today brought a smile!

    Love, Andrea

  8. This is a lovely picture, the violets are so pretty on each of the items. All the beautifully decorated cakes look mouthwatering too. I've bought sugared violets and rose petals but never tried to make them. Maybe this is the time to start.

  9. I'll be over at 2. Tea time.

    Oh my goodness, you have such lovely displays all the time.
    I love violets, in fact my china is Royal Albert Sweet Violets, I started to collect it in grade 8 and by the time I got married I had a set of 8.

    I will be coming back to this post when I host the next bridal or baby shower. Such pretty cupcakes.


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