Friday, April 20, 2007

Raw Sauces for Tamales

This vegan deli-bakery is owned and operated by college students. You can tell they take their role as business owners seriously --- they are innovative and serve delicious food! I enjoyed chatting with the young woman who was responsible for developing the tamale and sauces menu for the day's special. She told me that each week she tries to come up with something new --- foods like RAW lasagna, breads, and more. RAW food night doesn't mean 'just salads'. The sauces shown here are a fresh salsa, a vegan 'sour cream' (I'm sure it contained raw nuts; probably cashews --- and fresh lemon juice for tartness), and a raw mole sauce that was simply delicious. I could not determine exactly what she used for this recipe. Traditionally Mexican mole sauce contains dried chili peppers, ground nuts, spices, and chocolate. I don't think her sauce had chocolate in it, but she did tell me that raisins were one of her 'secret' ingredients. It was very good.

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