Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dutch Treat

During the past few days I received a wonderful package of goodies from Lucy of Quilting with the Past. Lucy lives in the Netherlands and blogs about family, home, and quilting! She's a very talented and gifted quilter and she always inspires me! Recently we were talking about tea towels and foods of Holland. She mentioned that she would like to send me some Dutch tea towels. They were purchased in a farm community just for me! Both tea towels are very large and made of thick, absorbent cotton. They are both beautiful --- I can't decide which one I like the best. The red is checkered with white and exudes cheer! And the blue and white is darling with traditional Dutch windmills which I adore! The designs are woven into the towel rather than stamped on top. Perfect for wiping dishes, they will also come in very handy for table toppers or a picnic basket cover. Thank you, Lucy! I will think of you each time I use them and will always treasure them --- from my Dutch friend.


  1. What an enjoyable collection of goodies in the photo. Lucky you!

  2. What a lovely gift for such a lovely lady.
    I enjoyed the walk down the railroad track again. It just oozes peace and quiet.
    The enchilada recipe looks really yummy and I was delighted to see the sauce recipe as well, I will give that a try for sure.
    Your pictures are just wonderful, they could be in a magazine.

  3. Hi, Your pictures made my gifts beautiful... It is fun to see that the tea towels traveled such a long distance and find a new home :-)

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! And your pictures are always so lovely...I look forward to your every post.

    Fondly, Andrea

  5. Those are wonderful treasures. I know you will enjoy them all.


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