Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I love the colors and fabric selections on this page. Although this workbook was created using inexpensive school glue, the swatches are still firmly in place. The assignment was to select five pictures of human colour types (olive-skinned, fair brunette, ash blonde, blonde, red-haired) and then select samples of clothing colors that would look good on that person. I find the five human colour types selected by the textbook company interesting. Emphasis is placed heavily on the fair, light complexions and basically leaves out dark brown and black skin and hairstyles. Times sure have changed --- and fortunately ethnic diversity is now more freely considered.

Aren't these fabrics yummy?

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  1. Ohh my this is a big treasure you have from your mom ! What an interesting Lady. I love to see the swatch book.
    I have found along the street in some trash a few magazenes from the 60 th. With patterns for woman clothes. I couldn't leave it and I took it home with me:-)


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