Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Does My Garden Grow?

It's nearly 14 days since we planted our veggie garden, and sunshine and consistent water has helped the tiny seeds to sprout and grow. Our method is a 'variation' of square-food gardening. I like to call this 'power gardening'. Although small, there's alot packed into a tiny space. The outer rim on three sides contains seeds for leafy greens and some sweet onions. The bamboo 'towers' are ready to support bush peas and beans. Cucumber seeds were planted in hills yesterday under four of the 'baskets' and the other four are waiting until danger of frost is past so that tomatoes can be planted. The squashes and pumpkins will be planted in other garden spaces (intermingled with flower beds) where there is room for them to grow and spread. Our plan is that we are able to reach everything for weeding or harvest from either the outside edges or the pathway down the center of the garden. So far, so good. But, the true test comes in the midst of July when it gets so hot that it's easy to neglect the weeds. As usual, we resolve to do better this year. . . .


  1. I seem to lack the necessary 'gardening gene' to be an avid gardener, to be one who loves the process, so I take pleasure in seeing those of others. Yours looks perfect, the kind of garden I would have, if I were to attempt it. I'm sorry to say that I fail my gardens miserably in the hot weather and the weeds seem to win the battle during those months. I call myself gardening-challenged. :)

  2. The weather has not been my friend this year, so my garden is still not in the ground. First we had heavy rains, then snow Easter weekend! I'm hoping that I can put something in the ground this week to satisfy my garden cravings.


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