Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers in my garden please me so. I love the dash of color they add to the landscape and how they compliment the reds and blues. If a few dandilions creep into the lawn in early spring, I don't even mind them (although my husband does, and they are soon gone). They add a cheerful hope of spring to the a newly greened lawn. Yellow blooming annuals and perennials are welcome in my garden beds. It's interesting to me how different people do and don't like different things. My mother did not like the color yellow, and this dislike included her flower garden. There were very few yellow flowers planted in her garden. She was an avid gardener in the English style, so this fact surprised me so. For sure, marigolds were never welcome in her garden, but always in mine. I've found that yellow blossoms also look beautiful dried. They retain their color and mix well with other items found in nature to create potpourri or herbal teas. (Of course, one must only use food-safe flowers if using them for tea). Today a bowl of calendula blossoms sits in a bowl on my counter, drying for winter use. Bowls, pots, and dishes filled with dried blossoms make a colorful display year around.

Here's a recipe for a late summer potpourri that makes good use of beautiful yellow blooms!

Yellow Mix

4 cups mixed pine cones and yellow flower petals
3 - 4 sticks cinnamon
3 drops lemon oil
3 drops pine oil

Mix gently and display in pretty container of your choice.

Photo flowers: from my garden


  1. I love those flowers. Yellow is one of my favorite colors but my daughter hates it. It makes me happy and it has the opposite affect on her. It's just interesting that color affects people that way.

    You have such beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing these special pictures.

  2. I love yellow flowers too, matter of fact I think they compliment the other color blooms so nicely.
    You are right they do dry pretty too.

  3. very pretty flowers!


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