Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lavender, the Fragrance

Lavender wands are created so that the lavender bud is enclosed inside the wand, protecting it from breakage. Pretty ribbon is woven around the stalks, creating a little basket with the lavender bud inside. Used for decorating a dresser or armoir, the are also used to scent linen closets and drawers. Lavender bottles are a similar product, but instead of weaving ribbon around the entire bulb portion of the wand, they are only tied with ribbon at the top and then wrapped at the base and stems. The basket is open and more fragrance can escape the wand. Lavender bottles are usually used for linen drawers. One time a friend came to visit, bringing a 100 stem lavender wand that she had just made. It was very large and beautiful. What a lot of work and time it took to create!

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