Friday, September 15, 2006

Applesauce and Indian Summer

Indian summer has arrived. The days are crisp and warm with a touch of coolness in the air. Last night a decided coolness had arrived and the air was chilly. The down comforter was sought and placed upon the bed again.

Grandpa's apple crop is ripening nicely and harvest will soon begin. Last week he gave me a bag of some of the 'drops' that were small, but sweet and ready to be made into applesauce. We had fresh, warm applesauce for breakfast! Unsweetened by sugars or syrups, the flavor of the apples with a touch of their own sweetness and tartness was apparent and was natural and good.

Years ago, right after my husband and I were first married, my mother-in-law searched and found an old-fashioned colander for us. It is cone shaped with a wooden plunger that is used to extract the sauce from the peelings. Although I have two very modern applesauce makers, the simple option of the sauce colander is my favorite.

What a yummy way to start the day!


  1. That applesauce does sound yummy! I've never seen nor heard of a colander like you've described. Wonder if you could find one on ebay?

  2. Hi Angie. . .

    I'm sure eBay would have some. I saw one recently in an antique/thrift shop. It was reasonable; I should have picked it up. I'll post a picture of my colander when I have time so you can see what it looks like. It makes great sauced (apple, pear, pumpkin, etc).

  3. I love apple sauce but my favorite thing this time of year is apple butter on a hot buttered biscuit.


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