Friday, September 08, 2006

Recipes Needed for Forest Fire Victim

As you will recall, if you are a regular reader of my blog, there is a large forest fire burning in our part of the state. We are reading updates daily as to it's progress and containment. Today's report tells that it is 45% contained and that 150 square miles have burned. Tonight a weather change is predicted which will bring winds. This is of concern to the firefighters, as it could cause the fire to take off rapidly again. The past two days they have been working on bulldozing a 30 mile fire break in the fire's path in an effort to halt it's progress. The fire has been burning for about a month now and resources and man-power are sparse due to other fires in the state. Recently, new and large fires have started in Montana and Idaho, causing even more limited resources. Our local fire has not only firefighters from all over the USA fighting it, but firefighters from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia as well.

Eleven homes and cabins have been destroyed. Today, on a community website, there was a request to help a local resident who lost their home due to the fire. After reading their request, I thought of my blog readers and wondered if you would like to help. Here is the request:

Kim Grimshaw has a great idea for helping the Eaton family and needs the help of community members. Jana Eaton lost all of her cookbooks and recipes, so Kim is asking community members to share their favorite recipe. Kim will then compile the recipes into a book for Jana.

Please email recipes to

Thank you for your help! If we each send in one of our favorite recipes, it would go a long ways in helping Jana with a compliation of tried-and-true recipes. And it will let her know that other's care and support her during this great loss.

Photos today: from the fire update website; the area is closed off for local traffic

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