Thursday, September 28, 2006


This evening I made the switch to Blogger Beta. I'm not sure what differences it will make for readers, but I think I am going to enjoy the simplicity of making changes to the format and templates on Gracious Hospitality. For some reason, all my links did not transfer over, so I'll be adding them back in time. You'll also notice that I have added an email address where you can email me if you choose. The comments section of this blog is still functional. Feedback is very welcome! If you have favorite blogs you visit and would like to see them linked here, please let me know who they are. It's my desire to make this place user friendly and convenient for my blog readers. Thank you for your patience with me as I learn the new settings and features now available.

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  1. Let me know La Tea Dah if its better using the beta blog. I have known a few folks that have had some problems with it. So I want to hear some good things about it before I take the leap.


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