Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hospitality Comes in Many Forms

Hospitality comes in many forms. Although we usually think of hospitality being expressed through home entertainment and graciousness, larger institutions can also share hospitality on a grander scale.

This week Brandon is attending orientation as he prepares to make the transition as a transfer student to a university of his choice. The week started with the "President's Luncheon"; an opportunity to welcome students and parents, and to explain some of the rules and regulations of this specific institution. Gracious hospitality was extended by meal, student hosts, and faculty who visited each table in an effort to welcome and provide comfort for the guests. I was impressed by PhD professors (ladies and gentlemen) who served the student and parent guests by refilling water glasses and providing fresh pitchers of water to the tables. Now, that is gracious hospitality!

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  1. Such a fun time for all of you. Savour each moment my friend.
    I can just see the girls now, looking through the directory wanting to snatch that boy up. Do they still do those directories ?


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