Monday, September 11, 2006

This vintage tea towel was purchased at a fruit stand where I went to purchase some peaches! In the back of the shop there are several booths where people can bring antiques and second-hand items to sell on consignment.

This tea towel is interesting to me for many reasons. I really like the stamped cross-stitch design and the colors used for the embroidery. I always think it's so interesting, though, how these vintage tea towels frequently have designs that don't quite blend in color with the woven pattern in the towel. This tea towel features rose and peach colors in the design with a light orange stripe in the towel! And a yellow green and dark green leaf pattern with a turquoise woven stripe. It creates a unique and one of a kind product, that's for sure!



    we have here in Haarlem ( HOlland) a shop with antique crossstitch pillows from Turkey. The shop is amazing to see so old with old tiles and the pillows are gorgeous. This towel reminds me to them. I will make pictures from the shop when I am there and post it. I bet you will love it :-)

  2. OH, I would love to see the pictures. Antique cross-stitch from Turkey? Wow. . .very cool! That's something you don't find here in the US. People do like the old American sampler designs, though, but most are currant stitchings of the original patterns. . .not antiques.


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