Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Remembering Mavis

I am saddened today to learn that a childhood friend passed away this week. A beautiful and energetic woman, Mavis was diagnosed with breast cancer about two years ago. Cut down in the prime of her life, her time as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend has passed until the resurrection and the Earth Made New.

Mavis is the first friend I remember playing with as a child. From about four years old, we played dolls, playhouse, store, and tag together. When my parents moved from Canada to the United States so that my dad could finish his college education, her family moved as well. We lived a few doors down from one another in 'married student housing', so were able to see each other every day. She was mischievious and so much fun to be around. After our father's graduated from college, our families moved on, but when it was our turn to be the college students, Mavis returned to the same town and we renewed our friendship and enjoyed being classmates together again. Mavis and I both took education and home economics classes together. Teacher education subjects and student teaching were the focus of coursework we took together. I also remember the beautiful garments she created in tailoring class; suits with much style and flair.

I worked in a college industry and my boss was a recent college graduate who arrived on campus as a single guy. It wasn't long before he realized that Mavis and I knew one another, so he asked for an introduction. I'm sure he would have met her even without my input, but this is the way I like to remember the story. Before long they were dating and married. Two beautiful daughters graced their home and are now lovely young women.

Everything Mavis touched was a thing of beauty! From interior design projects, beautiful stitched garments, and products she hand-crafted that were distributed through Nordstroms, she was a gifted and talented women. She contributed much to the education of young people through her expertise as a teacher and curriculum developer.

Mavis, although your time on earth was short, your influence and memory will live forever.

My sympathy and love goes to those you have left behind. May God be with them.


  1. its so hard to loose a friend. Seems far too young to leave this earth, but Gods plans are not always our plans.
    So sorry to hear of this sad news for you and for all those who loved her.

  2. I'm so sorry to learn of the passing of your friend.

  3. I'm sorry for your personal loss but so glad she is face-to-face with our Savior! She sounds like a wonderful friend. :) Her family and friends will be in my prayers.


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