Saturday, September 30, 2006

Victorian Charm and Elegance

On a warm day this summer, I enjoyed walking through the streets of Port Townsend, Washington, looking for interesting houses and gardens. This beautiful house, built in 1889, is called the Anne Starrett Mansion and is now a Victorian Hotel. Sitting on a hill and overlooking the harbor, it is a place of beauty and grace. Can you imagine stepping back in time and being the mistress of this beautiful home? This home was built for love by George Starrett as a wedding gift for his wife Ann. Beautiful rooms and delightful decor are contained within it's walls. The soaring tower stands at 70 feet and contains frescoes painted in Ann's image. It also includes a solar calendar and a three-tiered free-hung staircase. The home represents American heritage to it's core! For a virtual tour of the rooms within, click here:

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  1. This home is just beautiful...can't wait to take the tour! Thanks for sharing this.


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