Saturday, February 04, 2006

Essence of Hospitality

Cordial and generous reception of or disposition toward guests; the definition of hospitality. Alma is the essence of this type of hospitality. The kitchen is the heart of her home, and guests are always welcome and well cared for when they visit. Fragrant scents waft through the kitchen to the far reaches of her home and gracious hospitality is registered there.

In her book, The Spirit of Loveliness, Emile Barnes talks about the spirit of the kitchen. She says that whatever the season, it takes so little to make room for the warm, comforting spirit of the kitchen in our everyday lives. According to Emilie, setting a pretty breakfast table or food bar with placemats sends out good signals. Sharing secrets and concerns over tea, dinner, or the dishes helps us draw closer in love to one another. If you take the time to nurture it, the spirit of loveliness can rest in every cupboard and every countertop, transforming your life and your home with delicious warmth.

Alma and Emilie have found this secret to hospitality's essence. May we also find the spirit of the kitchen and it's hospitality in our daily lives.

Photo: by Dad; Alma on left

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  1. What a beautiful view from her kitchen!


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