Saturday, February 11, 2006

Presiding at the Chocolate Tray

"Miss Fanny Brooke and myself made tea and coffee;
her ladyship presiding at the chocolate tray.
A more elegant private breakfast
was never given to any company.
The urns, trays, waiter, and canisters
were all of silver, engraved with Sir Charles's arms;
the china was beautiful; in short,
the whole equipage was handsome beyond
any one I ever saw."

Charles Lawson in Vicissitudes in Genteel Life, 1794

Featuring Karleen's Chocolate Pot and Cup and Saucer
Passed Down Through the Family
Great-grandmother Florence
Grandmother Laura
Mother Joan
who treasures it
and displays it with

thoughts of her heritage

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  1. You know I never think to serve hot chocolate and its such a treat. I have several lovely chocolate sets. I love the one in the photo.


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