Friday, February 10, 2006

Teacup of the Day ~ The Karleen

This beautiful teacup belongs to my friend and neighbor, Karleen. It is one I adore! Always partial to blue and white, it emits cheerfulness and simplicity while expressing a graceful elegance. Nestled in various spots in Karleen's kitchen and dining room area, it is moved around according to her mood and desire. Sometimes it sits on a pretty, antique desk. . .and other times it is on a high shelf next to a teapot with brass handle. But, wherever it is, my eye always seeks it out when I stop by to visit and share happy conversation with Karleen.

Teacup is unnamed, so I call it "The Karleen"
Allyn Nelson Collection, England
Log Cabin Table Runner by Karleen


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I thought the pictured turned out nicely. Josh said, "Wow, what a great picture. Good use of the natural light with the overhead light." Okay picture, but GREAT photographer! :)

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Wow! Great stuff! Love it.


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