Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Favorite Ornamental Trees

*Idaho Locust Pictured in Pink

Spring is slow in arriving, but there are signs all around. My neighbor has a yard filled with an abundance of blooming purple crocus. And Aunt in Arizona sent me an email today, saying that her daffodils are now in bloom. All my snowdrops are blooming and other bulbs are sending up long, green shoots. I look forward to flower beds filled with greenery and blossoms. Today I came across my 'wish list' for ornamental trees as I was cleaning off my desk. Such lovely, blooming varieties! I need to start my search early this spring, as frequently the ones I most desire are bought out at the nurseries before I actually get around to purchasing then. Just like you cannot buy a swimming suit during the summer months (they were sold out the end of spring), it seems that plants have to be purchased early to get the choices you want. Here's my 'favorites list' for ornamental trees this year; I hope it inspires you too!

~ Idaho Lucust in dark pink

~ Flowering Almond in pink or white

~ Dogwoods
~ Varigated Box Elder
~ Weeping Cherries

~ Weeping Crab Apples (the kind that don't drop fruit)

~ Weeping Larch (Tamarack)

And some flowering shrubs

~ Deutzia (soft and delicate in white or pinks)

~ Porcelain Vine (white and green leaves with berries that don't take over)
~ Mock Orange Vine

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  1. Weeping Cherries have long been on my list too.
    this year I think my list will be for more Roses and grapes


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