Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mother's Notebook

Today I searched through mother's notebook, looking to see what she wrote about love. I was not disappointed. Here is a short segment she wrote and entitled "What is Love?".

"Apples fall. Snow falls. The water of the mighty Niagra falls. An avalanche crashes downward. Meteorites, when they wander into the range of earth's gravity, becomer 'falling stars'. If you slip, you fall --- down!

The principle of gravity is powerful and predictable. God implanted deep within our planet a force that draws everything within its range of influence to itself. It holds our environment together and givs order to our lives. Could you imagine life without gravity?

Webster's dictionary defines a principle as the cause, sourcr or origin of anything, or that from which a thing proceeds --- eg., gravity is the cause or source of objects falling down.

Love --- true love --- is like gravity, giving a vital dimension to our lives. Love is a powerful principle implanted by God, upon daily request, into the hearts of His followers.

It is a power that also draws to itself. It binds heart to heart, life to life. When the principle of divine love is received into our heart we will, through its influence, act in a loving, predictable manner."

Written by: Mom-Marj
Photo: a heart-shaped portion of a wasps nest found in my yard this winter after a windy day and gravity's force.

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