Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mother's Notebook

"A few months ago I rode a little vintage train up the Hood River Valley from Hood River to Parkdale, Oregon. We started out along a quiet, rocky river and then switched back and started up a woodsy incline. Finally we leveled off through the peaceful pear orchards of the high valley.

As we rode along, sometimes precariously close to nothing, I thought of the couplings holding each car to their power source --- that big, black, capable engine. I was mighty glad that the couplings held secure, keeping us moving safely along the tracks.

Prayer and faith are couplings --- the connecting links --- that hold us fast to God, our source of power.

Periodically I think of moments of hope and promise; a reminder that God longs to hear and answer our prayers. We must stay connected. We must receive His power.

Our prayers of faith will connect our fickle human hearts to His steadfast Divine Love power and keep us on track, bonded securely within His will.

Pray often, trust much, receive His love."

Written by Mom Marj; about 1995 and recorded in one of her notebook/journals

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  1. how wonderful that you have this journal. I once took the train from southern california to Klamouth Falls and it was a gorgeous ride. My girls took the train all the time from University to home and then back. More fun than driving !


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