Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Choosing is Active, Wishing Accomplished Nothing

Mother's Notebook ~ Choosing and Wishing

I sat on the recliner in my back yard, wishing that I were sitting on the cool, sandy ocean beach a few miles away. I wished, and I wished. But I still remained in my own back yard. Wishing did not move me.

Finally I chose, or "willed" to get up and get in the car and drive to the beach. I was there within fifteen minutes.

Choosing is active, while wishing accomplishes nothing.

Choosing to love someone is an active choice and not a response of wishing or feeling.

Author: Mom ~ Marj
Photo: Newport Beach, Oregon Coast

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  1. How true, inertia is what changes life for all of us. The act of doing is the difference between extrodinary and ordinary many times


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