Friday, November 03, 2006

Tree Planting

The Robinson Crabapple and the Weeping Kwanzan Cherry are set along the driveway edge of the lawn, measured and ready to be planted.

Brett's a good helper when it comes to getting the yard in shape. Roots from old trees were still in the ground and had to be cut out to make space for the new. Task accomplished, though, and four new trees planted!

The Robinson Crabapple has very tiny "apples" that look more like berries. A far cry from the small, sour apples that I enjoyed picking and eating from trees as a child, these do not fall to the ground and make a mess at any time during the year. This crabapple has distinctive pink blossoms in the spring and is the fastest growing of the selections. It grows upright and has spreading bronze-green foliage.

The Oklahoma Redbud and the Satomi Dogwood are planted at the far edge of the lawn. Although there are many different styles of design when it comes to tree spacing and planting, we've planned our front yard so there's space for baseball or soccer in the middle, and the trees surround this area like a picture frame.

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