Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cookbook Classics

Do you have a modern, classic cookbook that you go to when you need a basic recipe for common foods? Biscuits, chocolate cake, icing, crackers, bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, and recipes for jam are all examples of things I look for in my 'classic cookbooks'. For these classics, a good Martha Stewart cookbook can't be beat. Sometimes Martha's integrity and ethics have been questioned, but her cookbooks are well written and researched. Chemically, ingredients are balanced, creating perfect products and foods that don't give you a tummy ache. Did you know that if alkalines aren't balanced properly with an acid, the finished product can sit heavy in the stomach? Martha's recipes have been scientifically developed to avoid doing this. I sometimes wonder where she comes up with so many different recipes! This is just one of the Martha Stewart cookbooks in my collection. It stays on the shelf where my 'classics' belong. Although not used frequently, it's nice to know it's there if I need it.

The Joy of Cooking is another classic that I've had in my kitchen during most of my married years. It's a terrific basic cookbook that includes recipes from all categories and covers the classics well.

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