Sunday, November 19, 2006

Potted Presents

Autumn is here and winter isn't far behind. The holiday season is usually abundant with the blessing of fellowship with those we hold dear and lots and lots of presents! Gift giving is an integral part of the upcoming holiday season. Presenting a gift in a pot is a fun way to wrap up some of your holiday giving. Here are a few ideas for making your own potted presents.


*Pot --- Pick a pot that is the right size for your gift idea and is a style and color that compliments the gift. If you are mailing your pot, pick a light-weight plastic one.

* Stuffing--- Fill the bottom of your pot with a stuffing that will help lift up your gift and "show it off". Good stuffers are tissue, shredded tissue, Easter grass, a crushed colorful bag, or popcorn.

* Gift --- This is the fun part! The possibilities are endless. Coordinate the colors for a real splash. Adding colorfully wrapped candy, silk or dried flowers really adds pizazz. Don't forget to put in a package of seed that ties in with your theme.

*Tying It Up --- If you are sending your gift, you will need to wrap it in Saran or cellophane, then tie it with raffia, french ribbon, shredded Mylar ribbon, or strips of netting. If you will hand deliver your pot, then leave it unwrapped and tie your bow around the pot. Painted and stenciled designs on your pot make it really unique.

* Card --- Be creative! Make homemade cards, use recipes, seed packets, sachet packets, postcards, etc. Whatever it is, let the message you inscribe on it reflect the fun you had making this potted present as you thought of them.

Types of Pots:

*Bath Pot --- Fill this one with soaps, lotions, loofah and new undies!

*Dessert Pot --- Provide the ingredients to make a yummy dessert (like mint brownies)!

*Garden Pot --- Stuff it with garden gloves, trowel, seeds and a book about flowers.

*Get Well Pot --- Full of items for god health; Kleenex, lozenges, "chicken soup mix", and crackers.

* Kids Pot --- Your favorite munchkin will love getting a pot of crayons, markers, a tablet, and their own packages of seeds to plant.

What other ideas can you think up for pot types? I'd love to read them. Please post your ideas in the comments section of this post. Happy gifting!

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