Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moments with Gwen

Years ago, when the boys were being home schooled in the elementary grades, we signed them up for an online writing class from Gwen Simmons called "Write On". It changed our lives! Writing went from drudgery to fun, and skills were developed that have served the the boys well through college level writing courses. In addition to the writing skills developed, a friendship was formed that continues to this day. Gwen has become a dear friend. She is a gifted writer, and with my encouragement she decided to start her own blog. She does the writing and I post her devotionals and photos for her. We work together so that her thoughts can be shared with others. There is a link to her blog, Gwen's Moments, in a section to the right of my home screen here on Gracious Hospitality. If you haven't been to "Moments" recently, I encourage you to take a moment to go on over and see her recent devotional posts. For your convenience:

Although I've never met Gwen in person, I know her as a faithful friend and encourager. One of my dreams is to meet her some day and spend lots of time chatting together.

If you are interested in her "Write On" course for your children or grandchildren, please check out her website.

You can read a review of her "Write On" course in The Old Schoolhouse magazine.


  1. Hello La Tea Dah,

    I enjoyed this post about Gwen and reading the story of how you met and your friendship. Good friends are wonderful including those we have never 'met in person.'

  2. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Oh, LaDonna, you're so precious! Thanks for the kind words, and you know how much I cherish you too. I have often thought it would have been worth starting my writing course just to have been introduced to you and your family. I have gained an eternal friend in you and your boys have always been a delight to "work" with. Thanks also for your gracious hospitality blogsite. I always go away feeling so cozy and warm.


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