Thursday, November 09, 2006

Calli Cat

Calli is our cat. He lives outside and is happiest when left alone. Except, that is, for the late autumn and winter. Then he goes through streaks of friendliness and begs to be petted. I've always wondered why this is so and don't have an answer for this. Right now his coat is getting thick and heavy in preparation for colder days ahead. And sometimes during the cold months he joins the family by coming in the the dog door in the evening and spending the night, sleeping snugly under a desk or another quiet corner. But, come morning, he's always glad to get outside --- on the search for mouse or bird --- Calli, the hunter cat.


  1. Oh La Tea Dah, I love your kitty! What a pretty cat. I had pet cats (outside) for years but haven't had one for several years now. We have not been able to keep one where we live now. It is like twilight zone there. We have tried kittens and grown cats we adopted and they have a good home and seem to be happy and then they are gone, no trace of them. I told my DH I am hesitant to try anymore but I may try again in the spring. I love having a good kitty and we take them to the vets regularly for their shots so we are good responsible pet owners. I keep telling my DH maybe a good kitty will adopt us!

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Just look at that face! I can tell he is quite a character. :) I would love to have a cat but afraid to get one because of our dog who is a Jack Russel Terrier who would probobly love to eat the poor thing if we did get one. :(

  3. Mary, I'm sorry you can't keep a cat around. Do you have coyotes in your neighborhood? We seem to collect cats and go through alot of cat food, but only one cat is permanent, the others wander through. I really do hope that a good kitty adopts YOU!

  4. Salina, if you start with a kitten, maybe your Jack Russel Terrier would be okay. We have terrier's as well (Schnauzers) and they are barky and active, but when it comes to our cats, they rule! I say 'cats', because we used to have two, but Sammy died last summer. He was my baby and I sure miss him. He's pictured in my blog archives. . .

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Your cat is indeed very pretty. I love those beautiful blue eyes! Sorry to hear about the lost of one of your cats. We, too, enjoy having several cats and dogs around.


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