Friday, November 03, 2006

A Cookbook Treasure

One of the things I love doing is browsing through cookbooks. They are as good as any novel, and practical to boot! Over the years my cookbook collection has grown to equal or surpass even my teacup and saucer collection! Now, with many hundred cookbooks, I've narrowed my collecting to speciality cookbooks only and concentrate on those that contain only plant-based recipes. This is my oldest vegetarian cookbook, and I treasure it. Printed in 1941, I love the cover, the ragged-edged pages, the old-fashioned print, and the beautiful, hand-colored prints. This cookbook is called "The Fine Art of Cooking" and was published by the White Brothers Graphic Arts Center in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Vegetarian cooking has changed greatly in the past 65 years, but some of the old recipes still pique my interest. Rich in recipes containing fruits, grains, and vegetables, other foods like nut butters, soya milk made from soya flour, and agar gelled salads create some interesting browsing for any foodie.

In 1941, 100% vegetarian included an abundant use of honey. It's a point of contention with vegan purists these days, but was considered vegetarian in those times. It's always interesting to see how trends change and knowledge increases, changing values and opinions on everything, especially what we eat!

Currant bread pudding, complete with soy or coconut milk, honey, oil, and bread crumbs. . .a recipe longer fashionable, but comfort food just the same.

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  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    What a beautiful cookbook inside and out! I would definitely treasure that as well if it were mine. :)


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